Fact Model

A single animal fact, (nearly) guaranteed to be genuine and factual.

Key Type Description
_id ObjectId Unique ID for the Fact
_v Number Version number of the Fact
user ObjectId ID of the User who added the Fact
text String The Fact itself
updatedAt Timestamp Date in which Fact was last modified
sendDate Timestamp If the Fact is meant for one time use, this is the date that it is used
deleted Boolean Whether the Fact has been soft-deleted
source String Source from which the fact was found. Typically a URL
type String Type of animal the Fact describes (e.g. ‘cat’, ‘dog’, ‘horse’)
status.verified Boolean Whether the fact has been appproved or rejected. null indicates pending status
status.feedback String Reason for the fact being approved or rejected
status.sentCount Number The number of times the Fact has been sent by the CatBot